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Dean Hale, Personal Trainer

We all have something about our bodies that we would like to change or improve.

From losing that extra body-fat to increasing muscle or improving energy levels.

My style of training is designed to cut out all the jargon and confusion of fitness and focus on the key principles to suit your individual specific goals.

My experience in fitness started from a very early age, whether I was training at the local boxing gym, competing in junior athletics or running in a local cross-country event, I always give 100% in what I do. Fitness has helped me overcome many personal and physical obstacles over the years, it has improved my mental well-being and focus, along with helping me manage asthma.

Over the years my client base has included: new mums, Business men & women, white collar boxers and the general public. All of which it has been a genuine pleasure and rewarding to watch progress and achieve their goals.


Fitness instruction Level-2

Instructing Physical Activity & Exercise (Personal Training) N.V.Q Level-3

Understanding the Fitness Leisure & Recreation Industry Level-3

Sports Massage Therapy Level-3

Adapting Exercise for Ante & Post-natal Clients Level-3

Basic & Advanced Boxing for Fitness

Pre & Post-natal Nutrition



Tel: 07572 144470

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.deanhalefitness.com

Facebook: deanhalefitness

Instagram: deanhalefitness

To book a personal training session with Dean Hale call 01242 263327 or email [email protected]

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