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New Protein Energy Drink!

Posted on 19th December 2017

  Try the new energy drink that everyone’s been talking about!! BCAA Energy, created by Xtreme Energy Group, is a new health-combined energy drink bursting with ingredients to aid an active lifestyle. Each 500ml can is packed with 14g total protein, 7g BCAAs/EAAs, 7g collagen protein, added B Vitamins, contains only 25 calories and is […]

bcaa energy drink
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Data and Banana Protein Flapjack Recipe

Posted on 7th December 2017

Try this easy to make date and banana protein flapjack recipe from one of our in house personal trainers. Great for a healthy snack and energy boost! Ingredients: 500 grams of dates 200 grams of oats (gluten free if needed) 3 bananas 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract 2 teaspoons of cinnamon Optional: 3 scoops of […]

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5 Awesome Healthy Xmas Hacks!

Posted on 1st December 2017

We’ve put together 5 awesome healthy Christmas hacks to help keep you in shape over the festive period! Ahhh… Christmas. That time of year when all fitness and healthy-eating morals go out the window and you stuff yourself full of mince pies, turkey leftovers, chocolate, wine, beer… spending the month of January exercising yourself to […]

5 awesome healthy xmas hacks
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