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Breaking a Sweat at the Break of Dawn

Posted on 6th September 2018

benefits of early morning training

The benefits of training early morning.

Making sure that you get regular training sessions in each week is the best way to get consistent progressive results. But what about timing? We know that exercise at any time for the day is beneficial for your health, weight loss and muscle gain goals but what about the early morning dawn tribe? Research suggests that there is a host of significant benefits that come with getting your training sessions done first thing. So, for those early morning risers, this one is for you. And for those that love a lie in, it might just be enough to tempt you into setting that alarm clock a bit earlier. 

Testosterone boost

Training first thing in the morning is great for building muscle as testosterone levels are at their highest first thing in the morning. This is not just for men, ladies benefit greatly from the natural testosterone they have in their bodies too. This is great news for those trying to hit new PB’s and working towards lean muscle growth.


Training in the morning will help you at work as it increases your focus and mindset, getting you ready for your next task. Exercise releases endorphins and other feel good chemicals meaning we can all head into the day feeling much more positive and motivated.

Keep limber

Training first thing in the morning is great if you have stiff joints as exercise helps to circulate the synovial fluid surrounding the joints. This is responsible for the joints being able to glide and move with ease which means you don’t have to struggle all day with stiff joints.

Blast Fat

Training before breakfast has shown great amounts of fat oxidisation if done before breakfast. Fat oxidisation is a process in which large lipid molecules breakdown. This is fantastic for people with weight loss goals but has also been shown to help in the reduction of type 2 diabetes.

Avoid Overheating

In the current heatwave we have been experiencing here in the UK, working out early in the morning can minimise the amount of heat exposure you have during your workout. By getting up with the dawn crew you can enjoy much more tolerable temperatures in which to get sweaty.

No excuses

By training first thing it means that the events of the day cannot get in the way or prevent you from getting your workout done. How many times have we made plans to hit the gym or go for a run only to be railroaded by overrunning meetings and other unplanned but unavoidable events cropping up. Yes, this includes after work drinks at the pub. Training first thing means its done. No matter what happens during the day you’ve got already got it in the bag.

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