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  • benefits of early morning training
    Breaking a Sweat at the Break of Dawn
    6th September 2018
    The benefits of training early morning.Making sure that you get regular training sessions in each week is the best way to get consistent progressive results. But what about timing? We know that exercise at any time for the day...
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  • platform cheltenham
    Xtreme CSC Summer Improvements!
    6th July 2018
    We've been busy the last few months making some exciting improvements at Xtreme CSC! There has been a great deal of work put into the over all appearance of the gym with some extensive painting and decorating which has...
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  • team photo
    Xtreme CSC Welcomes It’s Newest Location in Thurles!
    20th June 2018
    This weekend saw the opening of Xtreme’s hotly anticipated, brand new gym in Thurles Co Tipperary. The newest location makes this the fourth Xtreme gym to open in Ireland with Cashel, Cahir and Mallow already operating in the south...
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  • david henry bodybuilder
    IFBB Pro David Henry gives outstanding seminar at Xtreme CSC Mallow
    24th April 2018
    Xtreme CSC Mallow had the pleasure of having David Henry come to the facility for an exclusive seminar on the 15th of April to discuss all his pro tips that he has accumulated during his time bodybuilding. Henry is...
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  • volme vs intensity gym workout tips xtreme
    Volume VS Intensity for Muscle Gain
    6th April 2018
    Written by Siobhan BellamyThe great debate between those trying to build good quality lean muscle mass will inevitably always lead back to Volume VS Intensity when it comes to how you train. In order to understand the mechanics of...
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  • Fit3D Body Scanner Cheltenham
    New - Fit3D Body Scanner Available at Xtreme CSC!
    31st January 2018
    We find that many gym goers want to track their progress as accurately as possible. Currently the only tools available at an affordable cost are scales that are often inaccurate, unless you have the money to spend on something...
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  • bcaa energy drink
    New Protein Energy Drink!
    19th December 2017
     Try the new energy drink that everyone's been talking about!! BCAA Energy, created by Xtreme Energy Group, is a new health-combined energy drink bursting with ingredients to aid an active lifestyle. Each 500ml can is packed with 14g total...
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  • protein-oat-and-banana-flapjack-recipe
    Data and Banana Protein Flapjack Recipe
    7th December 2017
    Try this easy to make date and banana protein flapjack recipe from one of our in house personal trainers. Great for a healthy snack and energy boost!Ingredients: 500 grams of dates200 grams of oats (gluten free if needed)3 bananas2 teaspoons...
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  • 5 awesome healthy xmas hacks
    5 Awesome Healthy Xmas Hacks!
    1st December 2017
    We've put together 5 awesome healthy Christmas hacks to help keep you in shape over the festive period!Ahhh… Christmas. That time of year when all fitness and healthy-eating morals go out the window and you stuff yourself full of...
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  • butt class cheltenham
    More from our Popular Butt-Blasting Class!
    14th November 2017
    Have you heard about the hot new butt blast class at Xtreme CSC?Never has there been as much focus on growing a perfectly peachy derriere. With idols like Jen Selter and Bad Ass Cass showing us just how good...
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  • Jeremy Kyle at Xtreme CSC
    Jeremy Kyle Visits Xtreme CSC Cheltenham!
    19th October 2017
    The ITV star Jeremy Kyle came to visit us at Xtreme CSC to film an episode of his new series ‘The Kyle Files’. Jeremy came to Xtreme to visit and work out with rugby player, muscle model and one of...
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  • Butt Blasting Class Cheltenham
    Butt Blast Class - The BRAND NEW Class At Xtremecsc Cheltenham …That Everyone Is Talking About .
    13th October 2017
    Written by Kiera Ellis, Personal Trainer As I walk through the gym Xtreme csc in Cheltenham in the middle of the day I notice something. There are more females in the gym, more females than ever before and it's growing...
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  • macros: the importance of carbs fats protein
    Marcos: The Importance of Proteins, Carbs & Fats
    5th July 2017
    What are "macros”? Macros (macronutrients) is a term used to describe the three key food groups we all require for our bodies to function. These include carbohydrates (to fuel energy),  proteins (to build and repair muscle) and fats (to keep you satiated). Proteins,...
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  • Easter Fitness Tips
    Fitness Tips This Easter
    7th April 2017
     With 4 days of chocolate indulgence approaching, we have put together some fitness tips to help keep you on track this Easter.  Exchange non-chocolate gifts. Easter doesn’t have to be all about chocolate. Bring up the subject with family...
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  • Personal Training Courses Gloucestershire
    Become a Qualified Personal Trainer with Xtreme CSC!
    15th March 2017
    Fitness Instructing and Personal Training Courses  Become a Qualified Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer with Xtreme CSC and Pro Systems Education! Enroll in one of the study from home personal training courses.  About Pro Systems Education Pro Systems Health and Education is a...
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  • Gym Wear Cheltenham
    Gift Ideas for a Gym Goer
    9th February 2017
    What is the best type of gift for a fitness obsessed, 7 day a week gym goer? Something that they can use in their everyday life and help them with their goals is perfect!We have some great new products...
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  • Gym Motivation Tips
    Gym Motivaton Tips
    17th January 2017
    One of the most important things in the world of fitness is to keep yourself motivated. It’s all too easy to get out of your routine and lose your gym motivation – you miss one day, that turns into...
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  • Top Superfoods to Build Muscle
    Top Superfoods to Build Muscle
    16th December 2016
    Muscle strengthening exercises are essential for adding more muscle mass to your body frame, and regular workouts help to grow bigger muscles. However, no matter how much you lift and sweat during workouts will not enable you to reach...
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  • muscle building training techniques
    Maximum Time Under Tension
    5th October 2016
    Training Techniques  Today I am going to talk about using maximum time under tension to increase muscle growth, and the importance of tempo and lifting technique throughout your training Why I like tempo training... and think you should too!No 1 Improved quality...
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  • training techniques - pyramid training
    The Principles of Training
    2nd September 2016
    There are many different training techniques to help build muscle and we all have our routine way of doing things. Below are some varied training methods for you to try out.Mix up your routine and see better results with...
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  • weight loss before and after
    Christinas Success Story
    18th August 2016
    One of our customers the lovely Christine has been working so hard over the last 5 months with the help of our in house Personal Trainers, Angg Woo and Leon Jones and has lost over 40kg! See her success...
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  • gym equipment
    New Kit!
    15th July 2016
     We take note of all our customers suggestions as we want you to have the best experience here at Xtreme CSC. We have cleared some space and made way for some great new pieces of kit! Dipping Bars - A great...
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  • Cashel Gym
    Xtreme CSC Cashel Now Open!
    4th July 2016
    We are very pleased to announce that Xtreme CSC Cashel is now open, one of many gyms to be introduced to Ireland! We have renovated All Your Life Fitness Club into a stunning state-of-the-art core, strength and training centre....
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  • Rest Days are Important!
    8th June 2016
     Rest days are highly important, they give the body time to recover, repair muscle, prevent injury and improve performance. People can often get into such a good routine of working out that they do not take rest days. It can...
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  • vegan protein balls
    Fit Food - Vegan Chocolate Protein Balls
    11th May 2016
    Try this delicious, easy to make recipe for chocolate protein balls. Full of energy and suitable for vegetarians and vegans!Ingredients: 1 scoop of pea, soya or hemp protein powder 2 tablespoons chia seeds 3 tablespoons cocoa powder or raw cacao 3 tablespoons of...
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  • Lift-It Worldwide Party at Xtreme CSC!
    Lift-It Worldwide Party at Xtreme CSC!
    1st April 2016
    The first Lift It Party of the year was held on site at Xtreme CSC. It was a great day with a huge turnout! This is what the Lift It crew had to say:"This Gym takes after our own...
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  • loyalty card
    Introducing our new Loyalty Cards!
    21st March 2016
    We have just launched our new loyalty cards!Collect a stamp each time you buy one of our freshly prepared protein shakes. When you reach your 8th stamp get a free shake of your choice! Choose from Oreo, Toblerone, Reese's Peanut...
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  • post workout tips
    Post Workout Nutrition Tips
    24th February 2016
     Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Here are a few post workout tips to help maximize your recovery and ensure you get the best possible results from your workout. Take whey protein after training to speed up...
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  • nutrition shop
    Nutrition Shop - All Natural Peanut Butter
    18th February 2016
    Brand new in nutrition shop: 1KG tubs of delicious all natural peanut butter. High in protein and packed with healthy fats, this makes a perfect snack and is great for blending into shakes. Just £6 for a 1KG tub available in...
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  • how to do a pistol squat
    How to do a one legged pistol squat
    1st February 2016
    Our personal trainer Angg Woo has put together some great exercise techniques for you to try.Practise these at home or at the gym and you will soon work your way up to a one legged pistol squat with ease! Exercise...
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  • What's Your Gym Personality?
    What's your gym personality?
    29th January 2016
    Whether you're training for a marathon, pumping iron all day long, or have to be forced onto the treadmill, kicking and screaming, find out what your gym personality is, in our fun quiz!Take the quiz!
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  • BCAA Slush Puppies
    New BCAA Slush Puppies!
    28th January 2016
    Come and taste our new BCAA slush puppies available at our on-site nutrition shop! A great refreshing drink for before, during or after your workout available in mixed berries or orange twist. These tasty ice drinks contain a BCAA supplement that is 10g of...
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  • protein pancake recipe
    Fit Food - Easy Protein Pancakes Recipe
    27th January 2016
     This delicious recipe is super simple to make and a perfect for before or after training.  What you’ll need:1 Ripe Banana 2 Eggs ½ tsp Cinnamon (optional) 1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (optional) Blueberries (optional)  Method:Simply add all the ingredients to...
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  • functional trainer exercises
    Useful Exercises on the Functional Trainer
    26th January 2016
     Here are some great exercises to make use of when using the Sports Art functional trainer at Xtreme CSC. On just one piece of resistance equipment you can work over 10 muscle areas!Increase the weight on the machine to...
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  • Powerlifting
    GB Powerlifting Finals
    21st January 2016
    We are very pleased to announce that Xtreme CSC's very own staff member and personal trainer Callum Cordwell was granted entry in the Great British finals for the Powerlifting Competition last weekend! Held at the Birmingham MCS Performance Strength and...
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  • choosing a personal trainer
    Positive Attitude to Training – Choosing a Personal Trainer
    13th January 2016
     It's important to chose the right personal trainer for you, whether it be someone with similar goals, a similar background, or simply someone you feel comfortable with. We all have the want to improve our physical and mental wellbeing. Be...
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  • Get the Fitness Facts!
    8th January 2016
    January is the key time we all want to embark on a fitter, healthier us. But before you embark on the fitness train this New Year with ‘detox diets’ and ‘fat free foods’, get the facts from our qualified...
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  • Open Day Video!
    12th December 2015
    This morning has been a great success for Xtreme CSC's open day! We are here till 7pm so come and pop in and check out our amazing new kit, grab some freebies and sign up for a FREE day...
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  • Pinnacle - The World's Most Versatile Cross Trainer!
    1st December 2015
     We are the only gym in Cheltenham to offer our customers the Pinnacle - the world's most versatile cross trainer for the ultimate leg workout! We pride ourselves on having the best equipment available at Xtreme CSC! If you're looking...
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  • New Signage
    28th October 2015
    We've had some brand new signage put up today by County Signs - things are looking good!Follow us on facebook to see more updates!
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