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Butt Blast Class – The BRAND NEW Class At Xtremecsc Cheltenham …That Everyone Is Talking About .

Posted on 13th October 2017

Written by Kiera Ellis, Personal Trainer

As I walk through the gym Xtreme csc in Cheltenham in the middle of the day I notice something. There are more females in the gym, more females than ever before and it’s growing at a phenomenal rate. Long gone are the days where the mum, the student, or the shy girl just wants to do cardio for 30mins and that’s a fact.

Instagram and social media have bust through a new ideal of how woman can empower themselves and its this ideal that is publicised through numerous memes “be strong not skinny ” ” and powerful images of the female “lifter ” various YouTube Celebrities and a host of supplements and clothing lines to support this new and ever expanding trend .Strength and weight training has finally taken a place in the hearts of women all over the world , its become an outlet for many a time that you can finally do something for yourself

Gym Networking

The gym itself has become a way to socialise a way to meet other people that share the same enthusiasm and passion. Lets be honest here there is nothing that gives you so much in an hour then exercise does, the endorphin release of feel good chemicals speed through your system .you are working towards a physique you are going to love , it takes effort it takes dedication and those skills are transferable to other areas of your life (but that’s a topic for another day ) You leave the gym feeling like a fucking marvel character and you now totally relate to wonder woman as your reincarnated self.

The Issues

The downside to all of this is …a lot of females simply don’t know where to start. As a Personal Trainer I sometimes see a lot of people complain over injury, fact is they don’t know how to protect themselves from injury or what this means to the future of their physique. Some desperately want to know how to get the perfect squat , and don’t know the first place to begin, they are unaware that everybody’s body is unique and thus will be there squat technique. Others want to start their journey towards fitness but there is so much information out there they simply become overwhelmed and never start.

Our Mission

The new class at Xtreme quite honestly is more then just a class . We want it to be a place where people come to seriously grow their confidence outside of the normal gym hours . You see the thing is about confidence (I’m now speaking as a life coach) is that nothing ever starts with confidence. Just sit with that a minute . Think back to a time where you truly and honestly first started something. You were new to it right ? . Had no knowledge right ? Felt unsure right ? Fantastic …welcome to change its bloody uncomfortable . The only time you get comfortable with something is once you have become good (mastered it ) . And that’s when you start to really show up for yourself …and you know what other people notice … other people notice the change in you. Then stuff starts to happen to you …good stuff (again a topic for another day, which is going to be titled change your physiology, change your life …and this post will be backed by scientific research ).


Butt Blast Classes – First Class FREE!!
ENTRY ONLY £4.99 OR Bring a FRIEND and get 1 Free class

Butt Blasting Class Cheltenham

  • Do something EVERY week that works
  • Change the way you feel about yourself with something that makes you awesome and empowers YOU
  • Increase the strength and power of YOUR BODY !!!
  • Not getting the results you want?
  • EVERYONE welcome (members and non members )
  • Burn up to 1000 calories per session
  • We Focus on Lower Body Building & Conditioning
  • We take a look at your movements
  • We Suggest tips to improve isolating your glutes
  • Incorporate hip and lower body openers and stretches to enhance mobility and improve engagement
  • Private class out of gym hours to increase confidence and meet new friends and gym buddies
  • Welcome new members for a free class
  • Talk to our expert Personal Trainers
  • Varying levels depending on your abilities
  • Join our Xtreme family and meet a new network of people

Come join our class every Wednesday at 10am Sunday at 17.30 then again at 18.30, if you are looking to start and not sure where to , you want to burn fat and meet new friends , want to smash a PB with our Pt’s or simply want to try it out

What have you got to lose (maybe a few calories).

See you there.

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