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More from our Popular Butt-Blasting Class!

Posted on 14th November 2017

Have you heard about the hot new butt blast class at Xtreme CSC? Never has there been as much focus on growing a perfectly peachy derriere. With idols like Jen Selter and Bad Ass Cass showing us just how good your ass can be, this new class at Xtreme can help us achieve our beautiful […]

butt class cheltenham
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Butt Blast Class – The BRAND NEW Class At Xtremecsc Cheltenham …That Everyone Is Talking About .

Posted on 13th October 2017

Written by Kiera Ellis, Personal Trainer As I walk through the gym Xtreme csc in Cheltenham in the middle of the day I notice something. There are more females in the gym, more females than ever before and it's growing at a phenomenal rate. Long gone are the days where the mum, the student, or [...]
Butt Blasting Class Cheltenham
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Maximum Time Under Tension

Posted on 5th October 2016

Training Techniques   Today I am going to talk about using maximum time under tension to increase muscle growth, and the importance of tempo and lifting technique throughout your training   Why I like tempo training… and think you should too! No 1 Improved quality of movement No2 Reduce risk of injury No3 Improve strength gains […]

muscle building training techniques
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The Principles of Training

Posted on 2nd September 2016

There are many different training techniques to help build muscle and we all have our routine way of doing things. Below are some varied training methods for you to try out. Mix up your routine and see better results with techniques such as pyramid training, muscle priority, supersets and more. Pyramiding Pyramid training has proven […]

training techniques - pyramid training
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Christinas Success Story

Posted on 18th August 2016

One of our customers the lovely Christine has been working so hard over the last 5 months with the help of our in house Personal Trainers, Angg Woo and Leon Jones and has lost over 40kg! See her success story below: Cristina came to Xtreme back in June with the determination to loose weight and [...]
weight loss before and after
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How to do a one legged pistol squat

Posted on 1st February 2016

Our personal trainer Angg Woo has put together some great exercise techniques for you to try. Practise these at home or at the gym and you will soon work your way up to a one legged pistol squat with ease!   Exercise 1 – Hold onto a suspension trainer, lift one leg off the ground […]

how to do a pistol squat
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Useful Exercises on the Functional Trainer

Posted on 26th January 2016

  Here are some great exercises to make use of when using the Sports Art functional trainer at Xtreme CSC. On just one piece of resistance equipment you can work over 10 muscle areas! Increase the weight on the machine to make the workout easier or harder.   Exercises include: Squats Lunges Standing leg extension […]

functional trainer exercises
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