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Fitness Tips This Easter

Posted on 7th April 2017


With 4 days of chocolate indulgence approaching, we have put together some fitness tips to help keep you on track this Easter.

Easter Fitness Tips



  1. Exchange non-chocolate gifts. Easter doesn’t have to be all about chocolate. Bring up the subject with family and friends and suggest some non-chocolate gifts to exchange to each other. Why not try books, candles, keepsakes, egg or bunny themed toys, or Easter themed clothing?
  2. Keep exercising. Just because Easter is a holiday doesn’t mean you must stop exercising. If anything, the extra time off work is an excuse for more visits to the gym and extra activities! With the spring sun shining why not bring the family out for an outdoor walk, jog or bike ride.
  3. Spread it out. If you do receive some chocolate or snacks this Easter, try to savour them and spread the out over a longer period.
  4. Magic Word Game. This is a fun game to play whilst keeping fit! Choose a different word for each day over the Easter weekend that triggers an exercise. For example, bunny can mean squats. Every time someone says bunny, everyone must stop what they’re doing and do 10 bunny hope! Some other words to use are chick, egg or chocolate. Get creative and make it silly and fun.
  5. Replace chocolate eggs with real eggs. Eggs are perfect for any meal during the day. They are high in protein and great for aiding muscle growth. Try replacing all, if not some, of your chocolate eggs for real eggs this Easter.
  6. Drink a lot of water. Drinking water can help heed your hunger cue and boost energy. It also a natural metabolic enhancer, helping to aid weight loss.
  7. Watch your portion sizes. Go easy on carbs and fill your plate with veggies. If you are enjoying some holiday treats then pass on dessert after dinner.
  8. Go for Dark. Why not try and stick to dark chocolate this Easter? With a higher cocoa content, it is more nutritious and less fattening than milk and white chocolates. Try a decent quality chocolate that is over 70% cocoa. Still remember to consume in moderation!
  9. Put it in the diary. Easter weekend can be a busy time for most, and you may lose track of time. Try keeping a diary and schedule in a specific time to do a workout and make sure you stick to it.
  10. Keep it for dessert time. Instead of munching on chocolate throughout the day, try and keep it to dessert time only. After all, it is meant to be a treat!


Enjoy your healthy Easter and have a happy long weekend!

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