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Get the Fitness Facts!

Posted on 8th January 2016

January is the key time we all want to embark on a fitter, healthier us. But before you embark on the fitness train this New Year with ‘detox diets’ and ‘fat free foods’, get the facts from our qualified in-house nutritionist, Pete Storey at Xtreme CSC.


Cholesterol is bad for you, not true!

Cholesterol is what the body uses to repair all cells within the body. It is essential for hormone support, such as estrogen and testosterone and it’s all about keeping the balance.


We are all Gluten sensitive

To various degrees our bodies are all sensitive to gluten. If you feel lethargic or ill after bread or cereal products then you may have an intolerance.


Sugar makes us FAT, not Fat! (dietary)

The body sees sugar as an energy source, but this energy source can become dangerous if left in the blood for a long time. Therefore the body releases insulin to store this sugar in fat cells. It is best to avoid too much sugar in your diet.


The word Detox is a myth

The body uses the kidneys and liver to clear waste products from the blood. These waste products are also stored in fat cells. The body cannot clear the waste products through the short term ‘detox’. It has to be done over a realistic time scale, and this all depends on your goals and weight.


Not all alcohol is created equally

Alcohol is not what makes you fat, it is the sugars that are put in alcohol that are fattening. Wine is made with grapes, cider with apples, and beer with hops, all of which contain sugars. Vodka and spirits on the other hand are low in sugar, it’s only when you add sugary mixers, such as coke that they become fattening.

Seeds and nuts make us thin

Essential fats omega 3 and 6 are found in nuts such as walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, flax seeds and chia seeds. They help support a healthy diet and can aid body fat loss.


Anything green is a winner

Green foods such as kale, spinach and cabbage can be considered to have a negative calorie due to their highly dietary fibre content, meaning your body uses more energy to digest these foods than it gets from them.


Avoid all fad diets, they are not the healthy option

The word diet is often associated with taking out certain foods and replacing it with other foods your body is not used to consuming. A healthy eating plan should not be dangerously restrictive on calories and nutrients. Eating a balanced healthy amount of foods is the optimal way to eat. Diet foods such as low fat alternatives tend to have fat removed but sugar or unhealthy sweeteners added for taste. Always try to eat whole-foods, not processed alternatives.


Not all fat is bad

Dietary fat such as good cholesterol, omega 3, 6 and 9 are essential for optimal body function. Avoid lots of saturated and ‘trans fats’ in your diet such as cheese and processed ready meals.


Cellulite, facts and myths.

Cellulite is a fat deposit due to lack of movement. To get rid of cellulite exercise is the best solution along with drinking plenty of water which is important as it helps to flush out toxins. To work on problem areas such as legs, bums and tums you need to tone up the muscles during workout and burn fat. It’s always good to do a low weight exercise with high repetitions such as body weight squats and lunges. Miracle creams that are currently on the market are not effective on their own!


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