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Gift Ideas for a Gym Goer

Posted on 9th February 2017

What is the best type of gift for a fitness obsessed, 7 day a week gym goer? Something that they can use in their everyday life and help them with their goals is perfect!

We have some great new products in stock that your partner or friend will love. Or, why not just treat yourself!

Gym Wear Cheltenham

Gym wear that is both practical and fashionable serves as a great gift that can be worn at any time.

Try lift-its’s premium mesh leggings. These leggings are ultra-soft and are designed to move with the body, making them incredibly supportive. The design features a flattering thick waistband with mesh inserts below the knee. For men try the Tapered Joggers – made with the highest quality polyester and cotton blend for a perfect tapered fit. Features elastic waistband, adjustable waist cords and zip pockets.

3 in 1 Protein Shaker

3 in 1 Shaker

Retailing at £3.99, Xtreme’s 3 in 1 protein shaker delivers superior mixing results. Its spring coil filters down any lumps in for a smooth, easy to digest shake. It features three compartments; A 600ml container to hold the liquid. A multi pill tray to hold your vitamins and supplements. Plus an extra compartment to hold extra protein powder.

Long gone are the days of carrying lots of tubs around in your bag, this shaker helps to keep you organised!


Food Bag

A fitness enthusiast will more than likely be on some sort of meal prep plan where they have to eat every few hours. The problem – trying to carry all your meals around and remain organised!

Gym Food Bag

Our Xtreme cool gym bag has various compartments so you can organise all your meals safely. With its high-quality ice packs it keeps your food fresh for longer.

It is lightweight, portable and padded with a removable shoulder strap. The bag also features expandable pockets for extra room for shakers, bottles and other food items. This bag will turn anyone into Mr or Mrs organised!



One of the most crucial parts of muscle gain is making sure you have enough protein in your diet.

Xtreme Whey Protein

Xtreme’s high grade pure whey is low in carbs, sugar and calories and supports muscle growth and recovery. It is one of the highest grade proteins on the market and comes at an affordable price. Only £34.99 for 2kg – get yours in store today!


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