Gym Etiquette

Xtreme CSC is a professional environment and requires respect from all of its members with a few rules to be adhered to.
Please take note to all these regulations as Xtreme CSC has a zero tolerance policy to rule breakers.
Health and safety is key at all times


  • Be respectful and courteous to other members and staff
  • No violence or aggressive behaviour
  • Please keep equipment clean and wipe down after use (cleaning products and blue roll will be available at all times)
  • Chalk Station to be kept clean and free from contamination
  • Non-members are not permitted in the gym area
  • Please put all weights away in their place once finished with
  • No not drop weights on the floor
  • Report any damages or breakages to a member of staff
  • No smoking on the premises
  • No eating in the gym area
  • No phone usage in the gym area
  • No moving of equipment
  • No drug abuse or steroids on the premises
  • Gym wear required, no jeans, no shoes
  • Members must not loiter around equipment and restrict access to others


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