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Gym Motivaton Tips

Posted on 17th January 2017

One of the most important things in the world of fitness is to keep yourself motivated. It’s all too easy to get out of your routine and lose your gym motivation – you miss one day, that turns into two, then before you know it you haven’t been in ages and can’t quite seem to get yourself back into it!

We asked our team and clients the question – ‘What motivates you back into the gym?’. Read below some great advice to keep yourself motivated!

Gym Motivation Tips

Forgive Yourself

Forgive Yourself

So, you’ve plummeted into a hole and can’t get back on track? Don’t be too hard on yourself – we are all only human! The worst thing you can do it beat yourself up about it. Instead try and ease your way back into your fitness routine. Try starting off with 1 or 2 trips to the gym a week and get yourself into a better mindset. Being round others and the gym and watching their workout routines will help bring some of your motivation back. Remember – doing one gym session a week is better than nothing!

Remove Invisible Barriers

Gym Barriers

Try and identify the reasons why your body is saying ‘no’ to going to the gym. Perhaps it is a cold morning and you don’t want to get out of bed? This is the most common invisible barrier that we all face! Or maybe you have a busy lifestyle and can no longer go in the evenings? By identifying these barriers, you can now build a plan to work around them. For example, if the mornings are too cold try preparing your gym clothes and food the night before so getting up is as quick and pain free as possible. Or if you can no longer fit in the gym at your usual time then try at a different time of the day. Once you have these barriers removed you will find you have less things getting in the way of you and your fitness goals.

Get a Gym Buddy

Gym Buddy

Having a gym buddy is great as you can help to motivate each other. Plus, by being accountable for not letting your buddy down is a great way to get you out the door! Try and find someone who has similar fitness goals to you. You can even create some friendly competition amongst yourselves to make it more exciting. After a while you will forget why you were unmotivated in the first place!

Mix Things Up

Mix it up!

Doing the same routing all the time can become boring and can be the reason of lost motivation. Try introducing some new exercises and techniques to your workout. This will also increase your results as you will be training different muscles groups. If you are normally on the treadmill and cardio equipment, try some weight lifting or functional training. To get some inspiration try looking at online videos, speak to a personal trainer, or even look around the gym and see what others are doing. If you see someone copying your fitness routine – take it as a compliment!

Visualise Your Goals

Gym Goals!

Mentally visualise yourself going to the gym and achieving your goals and think about how it makes you feel. Think about the body you would like to have and write down what you need to do to get there. Remember to set your goals to an achievable standard. Also, remember that no one should strive to be ‘perfect’ but instead be a stronger, fitter version of your own self.

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