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Jeremy Kyle Visits Xtreme CSC Cheltenham!

Posted on 19th October 2017

The ITV star Jeremy Kyle came to visit us at Xtreme CSC to film an episode of his new series ‘The Kyle Files’.

Jeremy came to Xtreme to visit and work out with rugby player, muscle model and one of our in house personal trainers Joe Ballinger. Jeremy Kyle at Xtreme CSC

This episode will be about body image and the effect of social media influence on the way we look and why bodybuilders do what they do. Lots of gym goers had a chance to get some pictures with the man himself and his bodyguard which many of your may recognise from The Jeremy Kyle show – Steve. It will be featured in March on ITV and is the first episode of the brand new series. Here are some photos of some members and staff who managed to get a picture with him!

  • Jeremy Kyle at Xtreme CSC
  • Jeremy Kyle at Xtreme CSC
  • Jeremy Kyle at Xtreme CSC
  • Jeremy Kyle at Xtreme CSC
  • Jeremy Kyle at Xtreme CSC
  • Jeremy Kyle at Xtreme CSC

“It was great to have Jeremy in the gym . He worked out with the guys and really absorbed the atmosphere and seemed interested in what makes Xtreme such an important network. I noticed his security checked out our specialised equipment and seemed really impressed!” – Kira Ellis, Personal Trainer

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