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Breaking a Sweat at the Break of Dawn

Posted on 6th September 2018

The benefits of training early morning. Making sure that you get regular training sessions in each week is the best way to get consistent progressive results. But what about timing? We know that exercise at any time for the day is beneficial for your health, weight loss and muscle gain goals but what about the […]

benefits of early morning training
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Xtreme CSC Summer Improvements!

Posted on 6th July 2018

We've been busy the last few months making some exciting improvements at Xtreme CSC! There has been a great deal of work put into the over all appearance of the gym with some extensive painting and decorating which has given Xtreme a fresh new look. As well as a cosmetic upgrade the location has been [...]
platform cheltenham
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Xtreme CSC Welcomes It’s Newest Location in Thurles!

Posted on 20th June 2018

This weekend saw the opening of Xtreme’s hotly anticipated, brand new gym in Thurles Co Tipperary. The newest location makes this the fourth Xtreme gym to open in Ireland with Cashel, Cahir and Mallow already operating in the south east. The official open day on Saturday the 16th was a massive success with the gym [...]
team photo
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IFBB Pro David Henry gives outstanding seminar at Xtreme CSC Mallow

Posted on 24th April 2018

Xtreme CSC Mallow had the pleasure of having David Henry come to the facility for an exclusive seminar on the 15th of April to discuss all his pro tips that he has accumulated during his time bodybuilding. Henry is well respected in the industry with a fantastic competitive career. At 5’5’’ he boasts an impressive […]

david henry bodybuilder
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Volume VS Intensity for Muscle Gain

Posted on 6th April 2018

Written by Siobhan Bellamy The great debate between those trying to build good quality lean muscle mass will inevitably always lead back to Volume VS Intensity when it comes to how you train. In order to understand the mechanics of this argument we must first understand the terminology. Exactly what is being referred to when […]

volme vs intensity gym workout tips xtreme
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New – Fit3D Body Scanner Available at Xtreme CSC!

Posted on 31st January 2018

We find that many gym goers want to track their progress as accurately as possible. Currently the only tools available at an affordable cost are scales that are often inaccurate, unless you have the money to spend on something reliable. Also available are body fat callipers that measure your body fat, but how can you [...]
Fit3D Body Scanner Cheltenham
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New Protein Energy Drink!

Posted on 19th December 2017

  Try the new energy drink that everyone’s been talking about!! BCAA Energy, created by Xtreme Energy Group, is a new health-combined energy drink bursting with ingredients to aid an active lifestyle. Each 500ml can is packed with 14g total protein, 7g BCAAs/EAAs, 7g collagen protein, added B Vitamins, contains only 25 calories and is […]

bcaa energy drink
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Data and Banana Protein Flapjack Recipe

Posted on 7th December 2017

Try this easy to make date and banana protein flapjack recipe from one of our in house personal trainers. Great for a healthy snack and energy boost! Ingredients: 500 grams of dates 200 grams of oats (gluten free if needed) 3 bananas 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract 2 teaspoons of cinnamon Optional: 3 scoops of […]

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5 Awesome Healthy Xmas Hacks!

Posted on 1st December 2017

We’ve put together 5 awesome healthy Christmas hacks to help keep you in shape over the festive period! Ahhh… Christmas. That time of year when all fitness and healthy-eating morals go out the window and you stuff yourself full of mince pies, turkey leftovers, chocolate, wine, beer… spending the month of January exercising yourself to […]

5 awesome healthy xmas hacks
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More from our Popular Butt-Blasting Class!

Posted on 14th November 2017

Have you heard about the hot new butt blast class at Xtreme CSC? Never has there been as much focus on growing a perfectly peachy derriere. With idols like Jen Selter and Bad Ass Cass showing us just how good your ass can be, this new class at Xtreme can help us achieve our beautiful […]

butt class cheltenham
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