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Personal trainer Cheltenham

Angg Woo, Personal Trainer


What I am offering as a personal trainer is the feeling that you are not under pressure to become a fitness professional. One thing I pride myself upon – “we come into this world different, so we are supposed to remain different.”  I feel this is very important to remember and incorporate within all my workouts. I want to offer a personal training program to suit everyone, to work together to create the perfect routine for each individual. Numbers do not define you! I want my clients to understand the difference between muscle density and body fat. My only goal is for all my clients to feel happy, confident and relaxed and most importantly help them feel that within themselves.



Fully Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer

Fully Qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Kick boxing Coach

Fat loss science Certification



Kickboxing Competitor for 3 years

6 years as a personal PT coach

Lifestyle Coach

To book a personal training session with Angg Woo call 01242 263327 or email angg@xtremecsc.com

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