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personal trainer cheltenham leah collins

Leah Collins, Personal Trainer

No matter what your goals are, whether it be to build muscle, lose fat, gain confidence or live healthier, I can provide you with the full guidance and assistance you will need to reach your own personal goal. I won’t just guide you through transformational workouts and provide you with structure, I will also educate and motivate you to help with your fitness journey based on my own exact training methods. I provide 1 on 1 sessions and 2 at once if you and a friend/partner/family member wanted to train together. If training sessions is not what you’re after, I also write personalised training plans completely tailored to your individual needs and fitness goals including nutrition advice and supplement recommendations. Don’t spend another minute wishing you’d started sooner – team up with me and let’s do this!


Personal Trainer

Fitness Instructor

Health and safety trained

Previous dance teacher


Tel: 07703 109861

Facebook: leah.g.collins

Instagram: leahgcollins

To book a personal training session with Leah Collins call 01242 263327 or email leah@xtremecsc.com

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