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marcin personal trainer

Marcin Jaszczura, Personal Trainer

I became a personal trainer because I always wanted to help people out and make positive changes to enhance their quality of life. There’s no better way to help each one of them by reaching their personal and health goals. It does not feel like a job when you get to do what you love and enjoy. I understand that every client is different and I pride myself on adapting workouts to each of their fitness levels. I approach my clients by pushing them not only physically but mentally too, which helps my clients strive to reach their goals. My motto is and always will be; “success does not come to you… you go to it.”



Nutritional Adviser

Level 2 Fitness

Instructor Level 3

Personal Trainer

Supplements Adviser

WPF International Judge


Areas of Expertise

Body Transformation Specialist

Posing Coach

Specialist in helping people with hormonal problems

Weight loss

Muscle gain

Prep coach


To book a personal training session with Marcin Jaszczura call 01242 263327 or email amjfitproject@gmail.com

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