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Rest Days are Important!

Posted on 8th June 2016


Rest days are highly important, they give the body time to recover, repair muscle, prevent injury and improve performance.


People can often get into such a good routine of working out that they do not take rest days. It can often be thought that a day of rest is a chance for all those shredded fat cells to pile back on. In fact, rest days are very important when promoting muscle growth and losing weight. We all need a day off sometimes to give our body a chance to recover from the hard work we put it through. Below are some of the benefits of taking rest days:

Build lean muscle and decrease body fat

Most of us are aiming for one or both of these goals, which are impossible to achieve without sufficient rest. Taking rest days allows your muscles to recover, making them bigger and stronger. This increase in lean muscle mass causes the body to burn more calories (and get leaner) whether your training or at rest.

Repair muscle

After a few days of heavy training sessions, the body needs time to recuperate and recover. Even Olympic athletes take rest days to keep their body functioning at its best. During a workout, we place greater strain on our muscles, bones, joints and ligaments and create tiny tears in our muscles during weight lifting, causing the immune system to respond. If we do not give ourselves a break then the immune system does not have enough time to patch up these repairs.

Prevent injury

By taking a rest day you are preventing your body from overusing its joints and muscles. The immune system is given a chance to rebuild any harmed tissues, this preventing larger future injuries and keeping your body strong and healthy.


If is often thought that giving your body a break from exercise will decrease your muscle mass. This is not the case. Taking a day off will allow your muscles to recover and improve performance in subsequent sessions. Plus, it actually takes 2 full weeks of non-activity before you start losing a noticeable amount of your progress level and performance.

Mental Fitness

Hitting the gym for lengthy workouts is a big commitment. By taking a rest day you can rekindle your desire for exercise and prevent mental burnout. We all need a day off work to remain calm and grounded, and this is just as important in the fitness world. If your body is exhausted and is screaming at you to let it rest – then let it! You can free up some time for other social activities and maintain a balanced lifestyle.
To conclude, make sure you still eat plenty of foods that are rich in protein and lower in carbs and drink plenty of water during rest periods. Be good to your body and you will get results!

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