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Xtreme CSC Summer Improvements!

Posted on 6th July 2018

We’ve been busy the last few months making some exciting improvements at Xtreme CSC! There has been a great deal of work put into the over all appearance of the gym with some extensive painting and decorating which has given Xtreme a fresh new look. As well as a cosmetic upgrade the location has been fully maintained and upgraded in terms of equipment and accessibility.

The mezzanine floor has been rearranged to make way for a big open functional space which has allowed an area for members to be able to do mat work and utilize equipment for training styles such as metabolic circuits and plyo work. All the kit has been maintained and where necessary repairs have been done to ensure everything is in premium working order. We’ve also moved the training rig around downstairs to provide extra space and functionality.

The supplement shop at Xtreme is now stocking a huge range of products to help with your fitness journey. A great variety of supplements catering to a wide range of goals are now available along with some fantastic food and beverage supplies. A bi-monthly summer BBQ has also been in full swing providing members with delicious burgers, pittas and fresh salad during the warmer months. We are also excited to be implementing a monthly bake sale which will be offering both healthy protein bakes and some delicious naughty treats as well.

Alongside all the great improvements Xtreme is still proud to offer premium quality personal training services, top quality equipment and ice cold blended protein shakes. Come in and experience the best training atmosphere around!

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